Smart Villages – Digital infrastructure for the Gig Economy

Infrastructure for the Digital Economy

Our Smart Village Platform (SVP) provides a suite of Cloud applications for enabling “Gig Economy micro-businesses”.

A suite of ‘Micro-SaaS’ applications, online web tools specifically intended for freelancing ‘Gig Workers’, encompassing:

  • A catalogue of template web site apps for common micro-business models, such as Business Coaches, Web Site Developer, Tourism Travel Operator, Bed and Breakfasts, Camp Grounds etc., those common to rural scenarios.
  • ICT needs, such as broadband, virtual phone systems, email and collaboration tools etc. This can support general business needs and also facilitate Virtual Networking and Mentoring, for example through Virtual Classrooms.
  • Digital marketing and tourism portals, for showcasing these vendors as more consumable digital marketplaces, for example Virtual Farmers Markets that can offer an online e-commerce facility for all the local artisans and tap into the global media AND tourism markets, through harnessing the popularity of shows like Outlander and movies like Braveheart.

Harnessing, and enabling, the Gig Economy

Tapping into the Gig Economy

In simple terms the ‘Gig Economy’ refers initially to self-employed contractor networks like Uber Taxis and delivery riders et al, it also spans into those who from home and across rural communities, in a plethora of different markets and services.

Therefore any supporting business programs will act as local economy accelerators, ranging from the infrastructure tools like broadband through co-working office facilities.

Best Practice Partners

Hence why our technology alone won’t function to grow a local economy, hence why it is accompanied by a supporting Best Practices program.

Whether it is Working From Home best practices, or How to Build Your Own Local Broadband Network, there are a variety of expertise domains that need to be factored in and importantly resourced.

We work with you to both provide the technology platform and also build your own group of supporting best practice experts and implementation templates.