Start your Smart Village

Digital Scotland will provide a Smart Village site free for every rural community in Scotland!

Any one is welcome to start and lead a Smart Village for their community, and become part of our Digital Leadership Team. YOU can help Scotland become a world leading digital nation.

The principle activities and responsibilities are:

  • Act as the Editor of the site – Build up the local content of news, directory listings, tourism guides etc.
  • Recruit your own team of local Digital Champions – Help others with their technical skills needs.

Simply send through a message with your contact details and name of village, and we’ll be in touch to get the ball rolling.

The First Step

The first initial step is ideally driven by the community asking a few simple questions:

– Are we happy with our village and its current status?

– Are there things that could be improved?

– Is the village attractive to local visitors and tourists?

– Would we like to make things better for the residents, local businesses and the children?

– Who would be willing to form a small team to help make some simple improvements and to enjoy a new digital future with many benefits to village life, to the village tourism appeal and a boost to the local economy?

This is our only requirement for membership, that each community has proactively taken the steps to form the local team who will own, populate and market their Smart Village site.