No More Broadband Notspots

This is an example of an E-Petition.

E-Petitions can be used as part of implementing Local Digital Democracy, utilized for issue and democratic campaigning.

Each Smart Village can enable certain membership levels to create petitions, or offer open access so any guest can submit proposed campaigns.

  • Simple, community campaigns – New petitions can be easily and quickly created, multiple petitions can run simultaneously.
  • Build Subscribers – Download signature lists and also sign up to email newsletters.
  • Viral campaigns – Encourage signers to also then share via email, Twitter and Facebook, to encourage word of mouth referrals.

Broadband Notspots

In this example, the campaign focuses on the core theme of high speed broadband for rural communities.

Read more in this blog. Note that the petition is also embedded at the end of that article page too – Petitions and signature lists can be embedded and displayed across any site page or section.

Broadband Not Spots

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