Fife RAP

Fife RAP


This is the Regional Action Plan for Fife.

We’ll analyze the Fife Economic Strategy 2017-2027 in detail and other similar programs to define the specifics of a Smart Village plan for Fife.

Cupar – Digital Improvement Districts

A first Smart Village will be for Cupar.

As Hollyrood Magazine reports they recently begun an initiative for the town to pioneer being the first ‘Digital Improvement District‘.

Our Smart Village for the town will demonstrate how the combination presents the ideal blueprint for digitally empowering Scotland’s small and rural towns, and via our Cloud platform is ready to achieve the nationwide replication they describe.

Heritage and History – Digital Tourism Action Plan

For Cupar this will be aligned to the Fife Tourism Strategy, in particular this key priority:

Improving digital connectivity, developing an on-line, social media, mobile and app strategy that includes real time communications with potential visitors.

A common challenge for this objective is that often these types of resources are only developed at the major regional and national level, such as via Visit Scotland. There is no equivalent at the small town level, what Smart Villages provide.

Our Smart Village for Cupar will provide this capability, and be populated with highly engaging content for digital tourism marketing, to attract a boost in tourist numbers to the town. There is a wealth of content to draw upon, such as this detailed guide from Scottish Places and this one from Undiscovered Scotland.