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HOME: This is the landing page for your Smart Village information


  • Action Plan: a section covering the Smart Village Scotland grassroots approach on Rural and Tourism development and outlines 12 steps we follow
  • Start your smart village: how to establish the need for community engagement through simple questions looking for volunteers to deliver a better community. The ideal route to this may be through the Village Hub if one exists or through the Community Council, Community Trust or by setting up a new group to manage the Smart Village application on behalf of the community.
  • There is no cost to set up your Smart Village Scotland application or to access the information provided. Special options for business promotional activity beyond basic entry with a small picture, web site URL and phone number, can be offered for a small cost.  Likewise, any organisation not currently owning a Web site can have a professional site created for a small cost.


  • Local news related to your community.


Members: This would be members of the community happy to be listed on the listing. This could become a local telephone directory listing phone numbers and e.mail addresses with the member’s permission.

Forums: Details of community meetings dates and minutes of minutes for Community Councils, Community Trusts and Hubs may also extend to other Clubs or Associations in the community

Some alternative examples on how to stimulate discussion:

Digital Scotland

  • General discussion of Scotland as a digital nation. What can we do to make the nation a digital world leader?


  • Create a group and description of the purpose of the group
  • This could be a Community Development Group, Local Yoga group advertising meetings and contact to join
  • Perhaps a craft group that hold regular meetings
  • A music group in the village and when they meet to play


  • VILLAGE CONTRIBUTIONS on Articles of interest: Perhaps an article on History, Culture or local wildlife found in the area, Walks and Trails, best fishing locations etc
  • COMMUNITY BLOG: Information of general interest, details of local items for sale, requests for help, requests for lifts or car sharing, updates relating to problems around the village such as path closure, local works or road closures affecting the village, missing pets, village tidy ups and general village discussion.
  • This section may hold an Education link with the local school allowing the children to take an interest in their Community and help shape its future.


  • Site Listing
  • This could potentially be a list of members of the community with telephone numbers and e.mail addresses – should they wish to have this information shown.
  • A business directory of local businesses may be added with a small picture, web site URL and email address.


  • This section can feature any events taking place in the village:
  • Music Festival
  • Summer Fayre
  • Christmas Carol Service
  • School Sports Day
  • Special trips or excursions
  • Fundraiser events


  • A good place to list local elected members for your village area MSP/MP/ Councillors with their contact information.
  • Smart Village Contributors and Administrators



The Safety Centre: This is a pre-populated and key part of the Smart Village Digital Platform and contains an extensive list of essential and useful information including advice on the following:

  • Power cuts, or disruption to fuel supplies
  • Loss of telephone communications or impact to online services
  • Flooding, at home, or at your place of business
  • Becoming stranded or severely delayed while on a journey in the car
  • Evacuation from your home or business, either by yourself or by the authorities, or being unable to get into your home or premises
  • Being confined to the indoors, at home, or somewhere else
  • Unplanned separation of family members

Further qualified advice is provided in the following areas:

Cold, snow and ice

Storms and strong winds


Flood Preparations:

Sepa Flood Line Service and how to register for free alerts and access flood Alert or Warnings and which areas may be affected.

Scottish Flood Forum:

Traffic News: – Information on Road Closure

Town/Village Documents: This may be a copy of the local plan

Local Planning applications and link to the local planning office

Please Note: This section will link to the main resources, this content is static and maintained by Editors of the Data Sources.



  • A second blog
  • Welcome to
  • Recent comments from the page
  • Categories listed on this site
  • Digital Scotland


Right-hand section

  • New Smart Village site launched

    February 28, 2019


Tourist Information places to visit, to stay, to eat and drink

Local attractions, Walks and Trails, Wildlife info, boat trips, historic sites, museums etc



Footer Section

Upcoming Events: From the events entries

Important Forms: Help Guide

  • Help pages for Subscribers, Contributors and Editor levels.
  • Training: Following an initial meeting to introduce the Smart Village digital application further follow up training may be provided.
  • A training session provided to Subscribers, Contributors and Administrators will be possible with a small cost requested to cover travel expenses.

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