South Lanarkshire RAP

South Lanarkshire RAP


This is the Regional Action Plan for South Lanarkshire.

Smart Villages

One of our first Smart Village sites is being pioneered in South Lanarkshire, for the town of Biggar:

Digital Council

South Lanarkshire’s overall regional strategy is documented here, and their plans for a Digital Council defined in detail here.

The Council’s overall plan identifies key goals such as ‘Support the local economy by providing the right conditions for growth, improving skills and employability’.

Our project will link this digital strategy to the region’s overall economic goals, those addressed by Planning and Economic Development. This identifies that a major funding stream for this type of local innovation is the ‘Leader‘ program, with plans for Lanarkshire documented here.


  1. South Lanarkshire Economic strategy 2013 -2023 : The main Economic Development strategies and industry plans for South Lanarkshire.