Digital Scotland will provide a free Smart Village for every rural community in Scotland!

Building a World Leading Digital Nation

Digital Scotland is a mission-driven business network, our goal is to support the Scottish Government’s ambition of building a world leading digital nation.

Our contribution to this effort has been to invest in building Cloud applications that will help accelerate uptake of digital services and increase local digital capacities and skills, and now to provide that platform free of charge to help achieve that overall goal.

Smart Villages are web site communities that will bring the latest digital capabilities to all of Scotland’s rural towns and villages. Check out our first live site for Strathyre in Stirling:

Smart Villages enabling a digitally connected nation

The vision for these sites is that they enable digital communities that better bring together local people and empower them to collectively action the improvements and better social cohesion and participation they would all like to see.

While the larger cities enjoy the funding and technology programs to implement their own Smart City and Digital Tourism programs, Scotland’s rural communities have struggled through lacking their own equivalent support. Given just how much of Scotland is rural it’s therefore essential that this gap is addressed and this is the essence of our Smart Village campaign.

A great context for this is Lesley Riddoch’s ‘connected nation’ series, a key inspiration for our ideas.

In an interesting series of inspirational documentaries, Lesley Riddoch shows how communities such as the Faroe Islands, Iceland and Norway have thrived as successful nations. In the case of the Faroe islands with only 1% of the Scottish population and a key commodity of fish, they have achieved an amazing status as a digitally connected nation.

Many of the positive outcomes covered in these informative videos, can provide useful learning for rural Scotland and show what can be achieved with good vision, aspiration and ambition within local development plans. The Smart Village Scotland initiative aspires to reflect a positive vision in support of rural communities to be all they can be, within a connected nation.

Become a Digital Leader

Any one is welcome to start and lead a Smart Village for their community, and become part of our Digital Leadership Team. YOU can help Scotland become a world leading digital nation.

The principle activities and responsibilities are:

  • Act as the Editor of the site – Build up the local content of news, directory listings, tourism guides etc.
  • Recruit your own team of local Digital Champions – Help others with their technical skills needs.

Simply send through a message with your contact details and name of village, and we’ll be in touch to get the ball rolling.