Expand your broadband capacity

This section will describe various options for how a village might go about proactively expanding their own local broadband capacity.

Community Broadband

There are various commercial supplier scenarios and some communities have even dug and laid their own fibre connectivity, ‘DIY Broadband’, such as Balquidder Community Broadband.

There are also different options for how such initiatives might be funded, for example this could be one of the investments voted on by a Participatory Budgeting process.

The European Network for Rural Development offers two example case studies:

  • In Lapland the Kuitua pohjoiseen project was established to help villagers to set up cooperatives and apply for public grants to build their own high-speed broadband networks. The project also acted as an intermediary, helping the cooperatives to learn from each other and to negotiate the necessary network arrangements with service operators.
  • Broadband Network Development in Rural ‘White Areas’ of Greece is a national intervention to close the digital divide in remote and sparsely populated rural ‘white areas’.

Scotland Superfast

The Digital Scotland Superfast Broadband programme is a key element of the wider Digital Scotland Programme, and supports the Scottish Government’s aim to make Scotland a world-class digital nation by 2020.