E-Commerce Marketplaces

Our Smart Village platform enables each community site to act as an e-commerce marketplace.

This enables local artisans and retailers to get online and sell their products to a global audience, without all the technology hassles.

Technology Innovations

Digital Scotland specializes in powerful Cloud computing applications, and how these can enable dynamic new business models especially for small businesses.

Each portal comes packed with numerous features, such as e-commerce store marketplaces that utilize “Social Commerce” – the integration of e-commerce shopping with social media networks and technologies. For example offering loyalty incentives and rewards in exchange for sharing products across your Facebook contacts.

Virtual Farmers Market

We will work with each community and their retailers and artisans to help them load their products into the portal, and then design these types of marketing campaigns to help boost sales of their products.

Rural E-Commerce Case studies

A number of international case studies demonstrate how enabling artisans and other micro businesses is a very powerful way to boost the economies of rural areas. Read more in this blog.