About Smart Villages

Smart Villages are digital communities for Scotland’s rural towns and villages

Smart Villages are web site communities that bring the latest digital capabilities to all of Scotland’s rural towns and villages.

Building a World Leading Digital Nation – Action Plan

The underlying Cloud platform is provided by Digital Scotland, as part of our mission to support the Scottish Government’s ambition of building a world leading digital nation, through our Smart Village Action Plan.

Smart Villages enabling a digitally connected nation

Our headline agenda theme of enabling a digitally connected nation showcases leading insights and case studies from around the world of how countries are equipping their rural communities with powerful digital enablers.

For example in an interesting series of inspirational documentaries, Lesley Riddoch shows how communities such as the Faroe Islands, Iceland and Norway have thrived as successful nations. In the case of the Faroe islands with only 1% of the Scottish population and a key commodity of fish, they have achieved an amazing status as a digitally connected nation.